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Recently, all kinds of celebrations have been held to honor the famous plumber in red as part of March 10th. At least he stands Super Mario Bros movie front door, where Nintendo delivered the final trailer just in time for the holiday semi. Including a whole handful of detailed Easter eggs.

But there was also celebration on the video game front. For example, with a special Mario Switch package, which unfortunately we’re losing in this country. The tears are then dried by a cheerful commercial celebrating Mario’s Day every day.

And LEGO also announced that it will be dedicating a presentation to Nintendo’s mascot. This is exactly what happened now and new items in the “LEGO Super Mario” series are unveiled.

Bone Bowser and Donkey Kong

A new expansion set is dedicated to “Bone Bowser’s Fortress Battle” and allows Mario, Luigi and company to experience new adventures. on Official product page Is it[called:[تسمى:

The castle features an entrance shaped like Bowser’s opening jaws, a lever to release a purple frog from a trap and hit Bone Bowser, pinball machines to defeat Bone Piranha and Bone Goomba, and an Ember Drain Attack feature. It also contains a gym, a secret door, a secret strategy room, a key block, and a treasure chest block.

CAUTION: For an interactive gaming experience, starter kit 71360, 71387, or 71403 is required, as the site indicates. The expansion set costs €104.99 and is scheduled to be available on August 1, 2023.

In addition to Bone Bowser, veteran Donkey Kong also joins the “LEGO Super Mario” universe. However, we just have to be content with a first look at the figure. After all, the first peek reveals that it’s compatible with the “Super Mario” character, which you can strap onto Donkey Kong’s back. Donkey Kong is scheduled to be released in summer 2023.

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Showcasing “LEGO Super Mario” in the video


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Artwork: Lego

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