May 18, 2024

Nvidia's latency reduction technology is available to all Overwatch players using their company's GPUs

Nvidia’s latency reduction technology is available to all Overwatch players using their company’s GPUs

NVidia Low latency technology is introduced, Reflex, for anyone with an Nvidia graphics card running the PC version of Notice and observe. The company tested the function In one Observation and controlPTR server in MarchBut mirroring is alive and theoretically available for competitive play. Nvidia claims Reflex reduces time between prints Notice and observe And the game showed the screenshot up to 50 percent on screen, and now you can test that.

Latency can be caused by a variety of factors (internet speed can be an important factor in competitive games), but Reflex focuses on reducing the latency caused by computers. The longer the delay between clicking and interacting with the game, the better the chance, regardless of whether the player’s reaction is really off limits. In this case, Nvidia isn’t new Notice and observe It is only the most recent esports title that can be added completely A small group of 15 games This still supports the thinking.

I can’t tell how well the feature works without trying, but when View Nvidia Video Believe it or not, only a professional gamer will notice who can sense the difference in microseconds in latency. Nvidia suggests that this small difference can, in some cases, change the outcome dramatically. According to the Nvidia Show, enabling Reflex can mean the difference between a critical hit and a missed hit completely.

Mileage can vary, but if you have an Nvidia graphics card – Reflex works on older cards like the GTX 900 series – and a G-Sync monitor, you should be able to experience the low latency. Reflex activation requires the latest version of Nvidia drivers and an updated version of the game in which you plan to use it. Notice and observeIf you have an updated game, supported graphics card, and new driver, you can enable Reflex in the video settings. The company was also involved in the creation Some projectors have the Reflex Latency Analyzer function.

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