July 15, 2024

Mundaun: The fourth behind-the-scenes video leads to Hotel Horror

Mundaun: The fourth behind-the-scenes video leads to Hotel Horror

In the fourth behind-the-scenes video of the horror game Mundaun, viewers learn that the Mundaun Hotel is by no means merely a tribute to The Shining. It really is – and it might be haunted. The atmosphere that inspired individual developer Michel Ziegler to create a Mundaun is completely concrete.

Mundaun will be available on March 16 for PC and console and is now available for download steam Added to wish list. Additional behind-the-scenes videos will be released every two weeks until launch.

Mundaun, the hand-drawn horror game by Hidden Fields, studio of Swiss programmer and illustrator Michel Ziegler, will be released March 16, 2021 for computers and consoles. Mundaun is a survival horror game set on the dark side of the Alps. Kordin, a young man, visits Mundown Village to learn more about his grandfather’s death, and discovers that something demonic is haunting the townspeople. On the journey through Mundaun, players solve challenging puzzles and learn more about the village. You must avoid confrontations with dark characters who are on the verge of harm in the village: when fear increases, the so-called “cause and effect” system is triggered, making it difficult for players to orient themselves in dangerous situations.

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