June 24, 2024

Netflix has established a new game studio in Helsinki

The streaming service that recently underdog Netflix wants to focus more on the video game sector and is setting up an in-house game studio in Helsinki. The goal is to be a world-class game studio with a variety of original games for members – completely without ads and in-app purchases.

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September 27 2022

(Photo: Netflix.com)

After Next Games, which was acquired by Netflix in early 2022, the streaming service now operates a second developer studio in Finland. In total, the service includes four development studios specializing in different fields, with two Finnish studios, Night School Studio and Boss Fight Entertainment.

The choice fell on Helsinki because the Finnish capital is home to many gaming talents. According to the announcement, the studio will be built from scratch. Along with other studios, games will be developed that cater to the different tastes of its members.

“We are just getting started and we still have a lot of work to do to deliver a great gaming experience on Netflix,” said Amir Rahimi, Vice President of Netflix Games. He warns that the game may take years to develop, in keeping with the hasty expectations of the global gaming community. The acceleration is not planned, but an ongoing development in the next few years.

Currently, Netflix already offers a number of games that are not self-developed. However, the offer so far is not so impressive: “For now, the choice is still a little strange – a mixture of powerful PC games and very primitive mobile games,” says Munich-based gaming information platform GameStar. (BTE/ SW)

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