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String - Structural Notes: TreeSheets

String – Structural Notes: TreeSheets

Wednesday, September 28, 2022, Leoh Müller

A variety of methods have already been covered in the Structural Notes Series, among others logseqAnd the Emax in organizing mode, trilliumAnd the areaor use board boxes.

TreeSheets takes a completely different approach. Most likely you could be like beat steroids Describe.

TreeSheets can be installed under Ubuntu or Debian GNU/Linux using the following command:

sudo apt install treesheets

After the first start, a help document opens, which guides the interested user step by step through the process.

As usual with spreadsheets, fields (cells), rows, and columns can be used. If a field is selected with either the keyboard or the mouse, it will appear with a thick black border. Entering text takes you to input mode. The field is still framed in black, but not as strong and the cursor indicates that an entry option is available. Alternatively, entry mode can be started by double-clicking on a field.

The entry can be terminated with an entry or by selecting another field.

Each field is framed on all four sides. These pages can be individually selected using the keyboard or mouse and then highlighted in black. If this is the case and text is entered, the application automatically creates a new field in the appropriate place.

Cells can be deleted with either the Delete or Backspace key, Backspace removes the previous cell and deletes the current selection, or if you are on an intermediate line, the next selection will be deleted. It is also possible to select multiple cells with the mouse and delete or cut them.

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With the insert button, new tables can be created within a cell and thus can be combined.

This only mentions the basic functions of the application. For example, lines can be used to connect items, or zoom operations can be run using the mouse wheel and pressing the Ctrl key at the same time.

Tree leaves can be used in many ways, ranging from simple task lists to calendars, from project planning to structuring search results. There are different display variants to choose from, with which the results can be visualized as desired. Tags can be used to select items and find them again later using the integrated search.

Among the variants presented so far, TreeSheets is unique and impresses with its unusual approach. Whether and how a personal workflow can be set and whether this type of feedback structuring offers added value only becomes clear when the application is populated with concrete use cases. One submitted by the project video It can help with the first steps.

source: https://strlen.com/treesheets/