June 22, 2024

Whatsapp closes a serious vulnerability |  Network Week

Whatsapp closes a serious vulnerability | Network Week

Whatsapp fills in a serious security vulnerability with its September update. those reports”heise.deThese are vulnerabilities that theoretically allow an attacker to implant malicious code on the user.

first weak point CVE-2022-36934, classified as “critical”. Exceeding an integer could have caused the injected code to be executed during ongoing video calls.

The second loophole CVE-2022-27492 (Rated as “high”) Also relates to the possibility of an integer overflow, which could lead to malicious code being introduced. Here, however, the origin lies in receiving prepared video files.

Users are advised to check if they have the latest version of Whatsapp installed for their platform (22.19.78 for iOS or for Android) and update their software if necessary.

By the way: Whatsapp announced a privacy update in June. Read what this includes here.

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