December 3, 2023

M&K Sound V+ Series Subwoofer: Bässe wie im Kino

M&K Sound V + Series Subwoofer: Bass Like In The Cinema

Mit V10+ und V12+ (Bild oben) stellt M&K Sound grundlegend überarbeitete Versionen seiner V Serie Subwoofer vor, die schon bisher Maßstäbe im Heimkino-Bereich gesetzt haben. Zudem wird die Baureihe durch das größere Modell V15+ neu aufgestellt, das nun auch THX-zertifizierte Tieftonerlebnisse in Räumen bis zu 84 Kubikmetern Volumen ermöglicht.

speaker from M&K . sound It can not only be found in countless movie theaters around the world, but also serves as a reference in the best movie mixing studios. the new Subwoofer The V10+, V12+ and V15+ realize the superb deep bass experience of a carefully calibrated cinema even in the living room of the home. While the V10+ and V12+ are further upgraded versions of the previously available V10 and V12 models, the V15+ is a new addition that, with its 15-inch long driver, enables brilliant thunderstorms of up to 20Hz even in large rooms.

Cinema sound directly at home

V12 + and V15 + are two THX شهادة Certification Thus ensuring low frequency performance that fully matches the intent of the studio’s mixed sound engineer. Given these reference qualities, it only makes sense that the V + series subwoofers of M&K . sound Persuasive to reproduce high-quality music with depth and impulsive and linear sincerity. Whether it’s home cinema or music enjoyment: V+ speakers lay the foundation for a comprehensive audio experience.

Living space friendly design

The cinema subwoofer is usually wall-mounted and does not have to make any compromises in terms of size and design. With the V+ series, engineers are stepping up M&K . sound Proof that similar performance can also be achieved in the form of a living-friendly. With rounded corners, elegant shape rolled back and noble liver The new V+ subwoofers in a matte black or matte white finish elegantly complement any living environment.

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V + Series Subwoofer: Don’t Hide It

Their enclosed cases are exactly the same rim length in height, width and depth and are slightly larger than the mounted motors. The compact V10 + can only be placed inconspicuously. Because V12+ and V15+ have comprehensive features that can be controlled via an app Correction functions, which enables accurate bass reproduction even with a less convenient acoustic setup. Strictly speaking, there’s no need for that, because with their nifty metal grilles held in place by magnets, the M&K Sound V+ speakers sound so good there’s no reason to hide them.

The V10+, V12+ and V15+ amplifiers are now available from specialty retailers.

technology professionals

Advanced long-range chassis and low vibration, optimally suited to each of them driver size Tuned sealed housings make the V+ amplifiers extremely precise instruments. For the best impulse reproduction and lower frequency even below the bottom line, Class D tweeter units have been further developed compared to previous units. Whereas the previously available V10 had to run at 200 watts, the V10+ now has 300 watts continuous and 600 watts pulse strength. While the V12+ has been increased from 300W to 400 or 800W. The 15-inch motor of the newly introduced V15+ can draw on 500 watts of continuous power and 1,000 watts of pulse power. All subwoofers in the V+ series now deliver accurate reproduction down to the ultra-low 20Hz.

THX: Certified Reference Quality

This is already required in the cinema district THX تسمية label Anything except a matter of course. The quality standards required by a film sound pioneer to ensure that every detail of sound meets the expectations of film producers are extremely stringent. What is even more impressive is the fact that M&K . sound I managed to get THX certified even with this compact subwoofer for home use. V12+ is THX-certified for listening rooms with a volume of up to 56 cubic metres. While the V15+, with its THX Certified Ultra branding, ensures first-class low-frequency experiences even in a home cinema of up to 84 cubic metres.

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Easy app control

There is no better place to evaluate the conditioning of a room subwoofer than in the listening position. This is possible with the V12 + and V15 + models. The app, available for iOS and Android, connects to the subwoofer via Bluetooth and allows direct control of the transition, delay, phase and level directly from the listening position. In addition, the M&K app has a professional automatic calibration function. It can even control multiple installed sub-woofers at the same time. The M&K app is also equipped for individual adjustments: four volumes, fully parametric tie Provides complete control over every little audio detail.

Prices and availability

The V10+, V12+ and V15+ amplifiers are now available from specialty retailers. Recommended retail prices including VAT are €1,650 for the V10+, €2,150 for the V12+ and €3,420 for the V15+. As always, sales and marketing in Germany for M&K Sound products are handled by the audio reference from Hamburg.

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