April 23, 2024

Metaverse "at hand" with a tactile glove

Metaverse “at hand” with a tactile glove

At least since the rebranding, Meta is running full speed on the Metaverse. The tactile glove should make everything more tactile.

The basics in brief

  • Meta – formerly known as Facebook – is currently leading the development of the Metaverse.
  • With VR and AR, humanity should be able to interact in the digital space.
  • For the highest possible level of immersion, haptic feedback should also be possible here.

supporters The gaming scene consists of controllers Learn about smart phones. What is just a nice way to describe vibration motors, Meta now wants to develop them for the long term. With a tactile glove, it should be possible in the Metaverse to understand and feel things.

Our hands are full in the Metaverse

In a blog post, the company proudly presents the progress made in developing the gauntlet. Thanks to microfluidics and so-called “soft robotics”, even the most diverse areas of the hand can be precisely controlled. together With advanced hand tracking This should create the most realistic experience possible in VR.

The vision is that things in the metaverse can be assimilated as in the real world. Users will then be able to feel the drag and texture of a particular object.

Social interactions such as toddlers, fist bumps, or simply handshakes or thumb fights can also be made possible. The Development work is already underway For seven years, but everything is still in children’s shoes (gloves). However, it is assumed that the first results will already appear in the coming years.

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