September 29, 2023

Broforce with final update and steam discount high

from Rhonda Backman
The developers of Free Lives are back with the final update for 2015 Broforce. The new Broforce Forever update brings an expanded campaign, new content to unlock, and six new brothers. Plus, the crazy side scroller is only available on Steam for a short time at about 80 percent off.

Broforce is back. The title, released in 2015, has received a new update from the studio in charge, Free Lives, that has turned the side-scroller on its head. As the developers write in a blog post, the release of the latest update has taken longer than full development for the rest of the game. Brofoce Forever is here, and for a limited time only, the game is available on Steam at a whopping 80% off.

Brofoce Forever expands its campaign and brings in new brothers

According to the developers, the final update for Broforce brings with it an improved and expanded campaign, new content to unlock and six new brothers. There are also four new challenge levels and the “ultimate expression of military might”: bug fixes. According to Free Lives, the best way to enjoy the new content for Broforce Forever is to restart the entire campaign from scratch.

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The six new brothers are Seth Brondle, the acid-spitting bug, Xebro, the warrior princess, Desperabro, the desperate musician, and Broffy, the vampire slayer. There is also the sniper Burt Brommer and Demolition Bro, who throw bombs and grenades around. The brothers must also face new enemies and prove their strength in challenging levels called Muscle Temples.

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Broforce is currently rated “Very Positive” on Steam. 95 percent of reviews from the past 30 days have been positive, while overall reviews are approximately 97 percent positive (as of August 9, 2023, 1:45 p.m.). Broforce is only available today at 80 percent off. Instead of €14.79, the Side Scroller currently only costs €2.95.

source: steam