December 4, 2023

Love Is Blind: Netflix doesn’t have a live stream when they see it again

Nick Lachey accompanies single people in their search for great happiness in love. Image: © 2023 Netflix, Inc.

Netflix will drop streaming the Season 5 reunion episode “Love is Blind.” In the fourth season of the dating format, the streaming service failed to go live.

Netflix has scheduled a “Love is Blind” season 5 reunion show (in Germany: “Liebe macht Blind”). Announce. “Save the date because the Love is Blind Season 5 reunion special is coming and you won’t want to miss it,” wrote the streaming service, which will air the reunion starting Sunday, October 15 (8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT). He wants to appear on Instagram. This time there will be no live broadcast when the dating show candidates meet.

In April 2023, a live broadcast attempt failed. The streaming service wanted to broadcast the hit dating format reunion show live in the USA. But users who accessed the stream at the announced time saw nothing. The broadcast was only available an hour later – in recorded form. According to media reports, some users are still reporting delays.

Netflix has apologized

Netflix has apologized via X Between users in different time zones in the United States. “To all of you who stayed up late, got up early, and sacrificed Sunday afternoon: We are so sorry that the Love Is Blind live reunion didn’t go as we planned,” it read. “We are currently filming it and will release it on Netflix as soon as possible. Again, thanks and apologies.”

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In the trailer for the Season 5 reunion show, the streaming service jokes about the glitch. To do this, the employee again crosses out the word “Live” on the platform with the inscription “Live Reunion Today”. “It’s not live, but you can’t miss it,” the clip continues. The last episode before the meeting will be available to watch from Friday, October 13.

In the format run by couple Vanessa, 42, and Nick Lachey, 49, singles flirt in separate cabins without seeing each other. If the chemistry is right and a special connection is built, they get engaged and only then see their chosen one for the first time in a big meeting. The engaged couple then has to deal with the reality of everyday life and wedding planning. It is decided at the altar whether love is truly blind. The first season premiered in February 2020.