September 30, 2023

Singapore names Orchid after US Vice President Kamala Harris

Singapore names Orchid after US Vice President Kamala Harris

The Singapore government surprised US Vice President Kamala Harris with an orchid of the same name.

The basics in brief

  • Singapore names its state plant after Kamala Harris.
  • The vice president will stay in Singapore until Tuesday and then travel to Vietnam.

On the occasion of the visit of US Vice President Kamala Harris, Singapore has named a lizard after the Democratic politician.

Harris received a certificate stating that it bears the namesake of a hybrid plant called “Papilionanda Kamala Harris”. The orchid flower is the national plant of the city-state in Southeast Asia.

Harris is not a first name

An exquisite version of the flower was decorated on a table with “light purple and pink flowers,” as Singaporean newspaper Straits Times wrote. In the past, Singapore named orchids after British Princess Diana and Japanese Emperor Akihito. This honor is also known as Economic City’s “Orchid Diplomacy”.

Harris arrived in Singapore on Sunday. She first met Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Monday. She wants to talk to other government officials, visit a military base and give a speech about getting involved in the area. Then you travel to Vietnam.

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