December 4, 2023

Jeremy Fragrance: ‘Men don’t need huge breasts in women’


Updated October 10, 2023 at 4:10 p.m

Jeremy’s fragrance attracts wherever he walks or stands. Now his first documentary will be broadcast in October, which accompanies him, among other things, in his search for an apartment and for the woman of his dreams in the United States. In an exclusive interview, he reveals in advance what is important to a woman who is considered a fragrance influencer, and what things he still wants to achieve in life.

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After TikTok, YouTube and “Celebrity Big Brother,” Jeremy Fragrance will launch his own reality documentary format in October. For this purpose, he accompanied the Sky presenter, the self-proclaimed perfume influencer, to Miami, among other places, where he went to look for an apartment and a wife.

The long-running single revealed whether he’s been successful in a Sky Press interview on Tuesday: He’s found two flats. But also a woman? He remained silent on the subject, admitting that he had to think briefly about what to say. But one thing is for sure: there’s likely to be the woman of his dreams in Miami. The long-running single doesn’t go into more detail.

Jeremy Fragrance: ‘Men don’t need huge breasts in women’

However, he was very specific when it came to what he did not want in a woman: “If she smokes, but you can kick the habit. If she has tattoos, but a few too that’s okay. If she has tattoos, that’s okay.” . Practical.” He doesn’t consider any of these things to be “completely taboo,” but he doesn’t find them “necessarily interesting.” For example, the influencer revealed that he likes “women with small breasts and very small breasts.” “Men don’t need huge breasts in women “

In general, he likes a “feminine, strong, and empowered” type of woman. Eastern European women are considered “pretty perfect” in this regard Perfume. “They are very feminine, very sexy, very strong, and at the same time empowering in the background. This is the perfect example because I am from an Eastern European culture myself.” But Latinas also fall into his pattern: “So feminine, but still so strong.” The influencer also reveals that he has “experienced different types of women’s mindsets.”

However, in the end, he realized that he did not want to talk to his wife in the evening about “Tik Tok and hashtags and things like that,” but would rather cuddle, recharge and stay in his “quiet peace.” “.

Jeremy Fragrance wants to start a family

Jeremy perfume
Influencer Jeremy Fragrance performs one-handed push-ups at the OMR digital trade show on May 9, 2023.

© Picture Allianz/DPA/Markus Brandt

These are unusual tunes from the 34-year-old, who draws people everywhere with his white suit, snapping one-arm push-ups or his “Kraft. Power. Strength” slogan. He himself admits: “Yes, I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve. But I still want to start a family and live permanently in the USA.”

In general, the topic of the future and aging seems to interest him a lot: “I really care about my diet so that I don’t have the muscles of a bodybuilder, because these strong bodybuilders don’t live to be.” 180 or so, I’d rather be lean and lean, and find nutrition that keeps me grounded like a farmer. Gray hair isn’t a problem for him either, but only if it’s the Iron Prince’s “grey hairstyle.”

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The five-part documentary ‘Jeremy Fragrance – Power, Baby’ can be watched on Sky One and On Demand from October 16 at 8.15pm.

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