July 15, 2024

Konami e-Football is a ‘demo’ at launch • Eurogamer.de

Konami e-Football is a ‘demo’ at launch • Eurogamer.de

When Konami’s PES successor eFootball appears in the fall, the game will initially be “essentially a demo,” as the company has now confirmed.

Konami answered a number of questions on the game’s official Twitter account, including a question about whether the game is “basically a demo.”

The answer is “yes in many ways”. “We want people to get their hands on eFootball as soon as possible, so we’ll be starting with a limited number of teams and styles. Full details will follow.”

Konami had PES in July buried He was named a successor to eFootball. The game will be free and will appear on PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

Interested in eFootball?

The game begins with the possibility of playing “Local Matches” with nine different clubs, as well as joint matches (PS5 vs PS4, Xbox Series X/S vs Xbox One).

Online leagues and a myClub-like mode will be added later in the fall, and cross-platform play is planned, as is the seasonal pass system.

In the winter season, players using iOS and Android should also be able to participate in cross-play, and esports tournaments are planned to begin.

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Additionally, Konami confirmed on Twitter that there are no console or PC graphics cuts when competing with others on mobile devices. There are also filters to match players, for example if you want to compete against people who play on the same system as you.

Master League will later be offered as paid DLC, and an Editor and Files options will follow as a free update for PS5, PS4, and PC after launch.

There are also free and paid “match cards” with which you can nominate individual players and add them to your team.

eFootball will launch on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android in the fall of 2021, with the exact date still pending.

For Alex, the transition from PES to eFootball is Konamis last chance In the fight against EA’s FIFA franchise.