June 21, 2024

Minute changes in the battery indicator › ifun.de

Minute changes in the battery indicator › ifun.de

Sometime in October, Apple will invite you again to a “special event.” The second hardware event this fall is said to bring new MacBook Pro models and new iPads, and could equip the Mac mini with new M2 processors and for the first time free the Mac Pro from the shackles of current Intel and finally also bring with them a processor from Apple’s chip lab.

New operating systems after the event

What will definitely be addressed after the event, whose date has not yet been decided, is the provision of new system updates by Apple. While the iPhone has been updated to iOS 16 for over a week now, the iPad is officially supported by iPadOS 15.7. Your Mac now also still runs macOS Monterey.

Apple is currently making final preparations to be able to flash new devices in October live with new operating systems, and just a few minutes ago it released several new beta versions. Available for download.

Among other things, a new version of the iPad operating system has been released, which should be available directly as iPadOS 16.1, as well as new test versions of macOS Ventura, watchOS and iOS. Available now are:

  • macOS 13 beta 8 (22A5352e)
  • iPadOS 16 beta 9 (20B5050f)
  • tvOS 16.1 beta 2 (20K5046d)
  • iOS 16.1 beta 2 (20B5050f)
  • watchOS 9.1 beta 2 (20S5049d)

Minute changes in the battery indicator

Among other things, Apple has increased the battery capacity, which has increased since the release of iOS 16 Continuously shown as a percentage Leaves, slightly redesigned and now no longer shows either percentage or battery icon with lower fill, but both absolute numerical value and battery icon with dynamic fill.

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