April 23, 2024

Jung von Matt Limmat launched a cryptocurrency fragrance for PostFinance

Since February, PostFinance has been offering its clients the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies. With “Le Crypt Eau de Parfum,” Jung von Matt Limmat promotes PostFinance’s new cryptocurrency offerings in an unconventional way.

Editorial Board

March 26, 2024

Jung von Mat Limat accompanied the launch of PostFinance cryptocurrency trading with a campaign. The brand's first communicative fragrance was launched a week ago with the specially created 'Le Crypt Eau de Parfum'.

“Encryption for every nose”

With its mission to inform the whole of Switzerland about its new cryptocurrency offering as a bank for all, PostFinance has reached its communication limits. Meta and Google prohibit advertising the purchase of cryptocurrencies on social media, where there are large numbers of interested people. The idea for “Le Crypt Eau de Parfum” was born out of the realization that our online target group was very interested in perfumes. When asked via AI what cryptocurrencies smell like perfume, perfumer Uwe Manas was tasked with turning the answers into a fragrance. This made it possible to advertise “cryptocurrencies for every nose” on social media. Interested parties then clicked on the landing page via social ads, where the fragrance and the link to the cryptocurrency offer could be found.

Successful perfume

PostFinance's cryptocurrency perfume has attracted great interest: according to the information, “only a few of the 1,000 bottles are still available for free at selected PostFinance branches.” Many of the limited edition bottles are now up for auction on the Ricardo website.

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“What impressed us about the fragrance idea is that it made a supposedly complex topic accessible. This makes Le Crypt Eau the perfect discussion starter for all PostFinance clients and new clients, regardless of whether they have been dealing with cryptocurrencies for a long time or only recently became interested in cryptocurrencies.” Just,” says Cynthia Hoffman, campaign manager at PostFinance.

Dominik Magnusson, Creative Director at Jung von Matt Limmat, adds: “It is great luck for a creative team when clients decide on unconventional ideas, thus opening up new horizons in communication. In this case, the development of the fragrance also made sense in terms of content. Because the fragrance is able to bring together Bringing the most diverse aspects of a complex topic into one experience.

The main campaign aims to build trust capital

The cryptocurrency launch campaign has also been running in classic formats – OOH, DOOH and programmatic – since the beginning of the week. This is primarily about reducing fear of communication and building trust capital. Headlines like “Finally Crypto Without Nerd Talk” or “Finally Crypto for the Mainstream” or “Finally Crypto Without the Darknet” emphasize that with the help of PostFinance, cryptocurrency trading has become truly safe and uncomplicated for everyone.

The campaign has been visible across Switzerland since Monday. Le Crypt Eau de Parfum was launched a week ago.

Administrator at PostFinance: Cynthia Hoffman (Marketing Department), Francisco Moreno (Head of Marketing Communications and Retail Banking), Philip Merkt (Head of Asset Management Solutions), Dennis Lingacher (Co-Head of Marketing Communications), Eve Ekman (Co-Head of Marketing Communications), Alexandre Toma (Head of Digital Assets). Official at Jung Phone Mat Limat: Dominique Magnusson, Jacqueline Rovner (creative direction), Georges Charles, Sophie Guntensberger (script), Luigi Vitello, Nathalie Friedrich (art direction), Clara Stendl, Lennard (graphics), Sandro Schmucker (video art direction), Sarah Schmidt, Natasha Emfeld (Agency Production), Christian Omlin (Strategy), Marco Meroni (PR Creative Management), Alina Holst, Joel Mainzeit, Fiona Wishart (Account Management), Dennis Hoffmann (Managing Director of Strategy), Vera Reimer (Managing Director), Wolfgang Park (Creative Director). External Partners: Blish Officials: Fabrizio Roteshauser (photo editing), Chiara Keller, Roman Ibe, Jessica Kottmeier, Rebecca Gerritsen (media investigation), Jana Weber (project management), Glona Kopf (managing director). Administrator at Duftwerk: Uwe Manas (perfumes), Miriam Schmidt (owner). Rocket Film official: Marko Stryček (editing), Jürgen Kupka (rating), Vera Matta (production), Jan Krause (director/cinemaographer). Official at Retouched Studios: Leo Krumbacher and Daniel Steinbrück (management). An official at Madcom Production Company: Ivo Amarelli (Director/Producer). Official at ABRA (Analog-Digital): Tomasz Kosinski (Partner/Executive Producer) and Julia Grzeszak (Creative Producer/Rove). Official at Dub Dub Studios: Sandro Palomba (Owner/Producer), Gregor Rosenberger (Owner/Sound Engineer). Administrator at Witwinkel: Sarah Herner (producer), Nico Messerli (director). Administrator at Webrepublic: Vanessa Painter (Account Manager), David Rubelli (Programmatic Advertising Consultant), Marlon Barr (Social Media Campaign Manager), Kevin Happ (Senior Media Strategy Specialist), Danielle Amren (Media Buying Team Manager). Responsible at Havas Media Switzerland: Claudia Gantenbein (Account Director), Adrian van Velsen (Head of Strategy).

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