February 29, 2024

Jonas Lenher wins Canada – Fanny Smith fourth

Jonas Lenher made it to the finals for the first time this season. Lenher took his fifth World Cup win with a stunning finish. The 34-year-old initially battled for second place. Chairman Wilmsmann already seemed unapproachable.

But then, thanks to his perfect line choice, Lenher suddenly gained enormous momentum and moved into the lead. In 2021, Lenher finished second overall in the World Cup. He was sidelined the following season with a knee injury. He also did not participate in the 2022 Olympics in China.

“I didn't think too much and it paid off. I had a good line and good speed,” said Jonas Lenher. He announced that he would celebrate the win, “maybe have a little beer with his teammates.”

Alex Fiva missed the second final of the weekend due to a fall. The third semi-final lead from the previous day was ahead of Lenherr among others. But he fought with Austrian Tristan Dukats.

In the women's race, Fanny Smith's second podium place in less than 24 hours slipped away in the final meters of the race. After third place the previous day, Vaudois again advanced to third in the final, but had to be overtaken by Canadian Brittany Belen.

Hannah Schmidt was the biggest beneficiary of the loss of Swedish dominant Sandra Naslund. Näslund pulled out of Saturday's tournament before the semifinals due to problems with his operated knee. She did not compete again on Sunday.

The Canadian also won the second race ahead of France's Marielle Berger Sabatel. In doing so, he extended the overall World Cup lead he took on Saturday. Not sure how bad Näslund's knee is.

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The next race is next weekend in St. Moritz, host of the 2025 World Cup, with qualifying on Saturday and the knockout races on Sunday.