May 21, 2024

From Gütersloh to "House of the Dragon", Gütsel Online, OWL Live to the most popular movie locations

From Gütersloh to “House of the Dragon”, Gütsel Online, OWL Live to the most popular movie locations

Travel Guide Great Britain: From Gütersloh to the most famous locations from the movie “House of the Dragon”.

Three years have passed since the controversial finale of “Game of Thrones.” With the series “House of the Dragon” you not only return to the world of Westeros, but 200 years ago. “House of the Dragon” is a prequel to “Game of Thrones”, which airs on Sky from August 21 this year. House Targaryen continues to rule 172 years before the finale of “Game of Thrones.”

Season 1 is ending now. GOT and now HOTD fans are also looking forward to the sequel, but will have to wait until 2024 for the second season to air. We’ve taken a closer look at some of the film locations in Great Britain to help reduce the wait. First, it must be said that a breathtaking beauty awaits Ketterslow fans.

Off #Gütersloh to Castleton

The best flight connection to Castleton is Dusseldorf to Manchester. You can access the movie landscape from “House of the Dragon” in one hour and 40 minutes. Another 45 kilometers from Manchester to the “Valley of House Arrin”. Along with its dramatic landscape, it is famous for Hohenaher, the ancestral seat of the house. Castleton features sweeping canyons and cave systems that transport visitors to the world of the House of the Dragon. The town has delightful tea rooms and cozy pubs to stop at during long walks. On that day You can also find Tripadvisor Guided tours in small groups to explore the area.

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Photo: Dominica Rosclay

Holywell Bay beach to the south

Continue south to Holywell Bay Beach. The starting point is Manchester again. From there there are domestic flights to Neckway Cornwall. After an hour and 10 minutes of travel time and 20 minutes of driving, one finds oneself in the landscape where “House of the Dragon” was initially shot. Ahead of the start of the series, trailers have already been released showing Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and Prince Daemon Targaryen on the beach at Holywell Bay. A hint of House Targaryen history hangs in the place. of Targaryen Family Tree by ExpressVPN Provides an overview of a noble family of Valyrian descent that once ruled the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

Source: Guy DwellyGuy Dwelly

Valerion’s home on St. Michael’s Mount Island

A 50-minute drive south of Holywell is St. Michael’s Mount, a rocky island. This is where the Driftmark Castle “House of the Dragon” is located, which is actually a medieval church from the 12th century. Jio in brief, why this place is not only special because of the movie scenes. In “House of the Dragon” this church is the home of House Valerion. The Valeryons are also the wealthiest family in Westeros with the largest fleet.

Return to Gutterslow

There are excellent flight connections from the nearest airport in Bristol to Düsseldorf or Münster. Finally, a travel tip: if you still want to experience the countryside in the south of Great Britain, there is a direct train link from Penzance station to Bristol. The route runs through part of Dartmoor National Park.

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