June 23, 2024

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Japan, South Korea, and the United States want to force North Korea into denuclearization

Japan, South Korea and the United States announced on Friday at the first meeting of their security advisers after the election of the new US president that they intend to intensify their plans to force North Korea to denuclearize.

The meeting comes as the US government enters the final stages of reviewing its policy towards North Korea.

Japan, South Korea and the United States confirm their cooperation

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and his Japanese and South Korean counterparts Shigeru Kitamura and Soh Hoon affirmed their determination to address North Korea issues through coordinated cooperation on the road to nuclear disarmament.

The two countries also agreed that the international community should fully implement the United Nations Security Council resolutions on sanctions and that they should work together to strengthen deterrence and maintain peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.

South Korean Yonhap News Agency mentionedThe three countries agreed that “efforts to resume negotiations between North Korea and the United States must continue.” For its part, Japan said it had the support of the United States and South Korea for a speedy solution to the previous abductions of Japanese citizens by North Korea.

Japan and South Korea, whose relations are increasingly strained due to war reparations issues, stressed the importance of their relationship and cooperation for regional security. The US government called for better communication between Tokyo and Seoul, declaring that the strong working relationship between the two countries is in the national security interest of the United States.

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to me Joint statement The three countries also discussed issues of common interest, including security in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

The pandemic and Myanmar are also topics of the meeting

Other topics included the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, and the need to promote an immediate return to democracy in Myanmar after the February 1 military coup. On March 25, North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the Sea of ​​Japan, in violation of UN Security Council resolutions banning Pyongyang from using ballistic technology.

US Deputy Spokeswoman Galina Porter did not provide a specific timeline for when to complete the review at Friday’s news conference. The US government has always tried to contain North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, as Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump met the North Korean leader on several occasions.

But negotiations made little progress during Trump’s four-year term in the White House, which ended on January 20 this year. The two countries disagreed on issues such as how to ease the sanctions Pyongyang must receive in order to take steps toward denuclearization.