July 15, 2024

Qatar Airways publishes its summer flight schedule with more than 140 destinations

Qatar Airways publishes its summer flight schedule with more than 140 destinations

Qatar Airways recently published its summer flight schedule for this year. Despite the ongoing pandemic, you can fly to more than 140 destinations around the world with the airline.

The airline is one of the few airlines that has not fully installed its fleet throughout the pandemic. although Airbus A380 On Earth, Qatar Airways will continue its flights to destinations on all continents. A look at this year’s summer tour schedule shows how much the road network is already recovering. Overview.

Qatar Airways is considering 43 destinations in Europe

Qatar Airways is publishing its summer flight schedule this year in a press release. With more than 140 destinations, the airline currently forms one of the largest road networks in the world. As evidenced by the summer flight schedule, the airline would like to operate up to 1,200 flights per week at peak times during the summer months – that’s about 171 flights per day. A look at the summer flight schedule shows Qatar Airways will fly to most destinations in Europe with 43 destinations. This should please travelers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in particular. With Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna and Zurich, the airline flies to five airports in the DACH region. In addition to destinations in the DACH region, Qatar Airways also flies naturally to every major European city. The airline flies to two airports in London and Istanbul. It is also noted that Qatar Airways flies to several destinations in the Mediterranean, such as Adana, Antalya, Bodrum and Mykonos.

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The Qatar Airways network in Europe

In the Asia Pacific region, Qatar Airways considers 43 destinations. In Asia, Qatar Airways flies to a number of destinations in China and India. In addition, economic megacities and popular travel destinations such as Bangkok or Bali are represented in the road network. Qatar Airways flies to five destinations in Australia.

Qatar Airways Asia Network

Qatar Airways flies to much fewer destinations in North and South America, for example. After the airline announced the expansion of the US Airways network at the beginning of the year, the network of North and South American routes currently looks like this. With Montreal and Sao Paulo there are only two destinations outside the USA.

Qatar Airways Streckennetz North / South-America

With 23 airports, the road network on the African continent is larger than that of North and South America. Qatar Airways flies to a number of popular travel destinations such as Seychelles and Cape Town. Destinations also include the Egyptian airports, Alexandria and Cairo. The airline has only been represented here for a few weeks.

Qatar Airways Streckennetz Africa
Qatar Airways Streckennetz Middle East

In the Middle East, Qatar Airways is already flying to 19 destinations again. These include cities such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Riyadh, to which Qatar Airways, as in Egypt, was unable to travel due to political inconsistencies.

Conclusion on the Qatar Airways summer flight schedule

As you can see from the charts, Qatar Airways flies to nearly every major city in the world. Only in South America, the famous airline is represented in only one, but in the largest airport in South America. Sometimes the airline network is almost at a pre-pandemic level. Only the frequencies on several routes have not yet returned to the level they were before the start of the epidemic.


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