May 19, 2024

Former tennis star: Wimbledon 2025 goal – Boris Becker is no longer insolvent – Entertainment

The insolvency proceedings continued even after his release from prison

But insolvency proceedings continued. Becker had to hand over part of the income he earned, for example from advertisements, interviews and other orders, to the insolvency administrators. This has now come to an end. Under what circumstances is unclear. Lawyer Moser's statement said that this is a confidential matter. Baker “will not comment further on this process or other details at this time.”

This means that construction sites important to Baker have been cleared. But one thing remains: the special regulation that he benefited from at that time stipulates that foreigners are immediately deported to their home country after their early release from prison, and are initially prohibited from entering Great Britain. But here too, time speaks for Baker. According to British media reports, the German will not be allowed to return to his new homeland until October 2024 at the earliest. Recently, he and his partner Lilian de Carvalho Montero made Milan their new home.

Wimbledon 'in my DNA'

And then? Will Becker report on Wimbledon for the BBC as he has done before? While in Germany in the years before his conviction he was almost exclusively in the gossip news and his relationships and affairs also caused ridicule, and in Great Britain he was always appreciated as an experienced television commentator with a command of the English language.