July 17, 2024

The new “Bachelor” is already 71

The new “Bachelor” is already 71

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US’s “The Bachelor” will be something special again next season. Candidate Jerry Turner is 71 years old.

USA – The ‘Bachelor’ dome show caused a lot of media buzz here in Germany and in the US with the original ‘The Bachelor’. It doesn’t matter if it’s deranged love triangles, desperate queens of hearts or other crazy antics by candidates and bachelors – ‘The Bachelor’ always provides entertainment. But to maintain its versatility, the American format has now come up with something new and brought its first “Golden Bachelor” to the show. The next Rosenkavalier Gerry Turner is already 71 years old.

News from the US Bachelor: Format brings a senior to the show for the first time

As a rule, bachelors, whose participants fight roses every year, are fit, good-looking and young. Jerry Turner makes at least the first two points without any problems, because his 71 years are nothing like him. The Golden Bachelor is also young at heart, as he revealed on Good Morning America: “It’s never too late to fall in love again.”

In a video advertisement for the new season, which will air on ABC in America, the Jerry Turner era is presented as a special charm. While you can see detailed shots of Rosencavalier donning a jacket and getting ready, a background narrator explains: He posts his photos in the photo album. His DMs have postage stamps. He gets the Early Bird special whenever he wants. If you call him, he answers the phone too. He has no gray hair, he has outstanding points of wisdom. It’s Jerry.” Holding the classic red rose, Turner replied, “And I’m the first golden bachelor.” “

Jerry Turner: Who Was the First Golden Bachelor?

Jerry Turner has been happily married once in his life. After school, he tied the knot with his high school girlfriend Toni, to whom he was married for 43 years. She passed away just six weeks after her retirement in 2017. Since then, the multi-grandfather has been on his own and now wants to venture out in search of new love again.

He wishes he could do things with a partner. “I like to find a partner who has a lot of energy. Someone who might be playing pickleball. Someone who might be playing golf.”

There was also a German “Bachelorette” premiere this year: the current distributor of the rose is already a mother. Because The Bachelorette Jennifer Sarro has been busy filming for so long despite her baby, it has been torn apart on the net. Sources used: Instagram, ABC

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