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Electric current problems News of 8/15/2023: Here there is a power outage

Electric current problems News of 8/15/2023: Here there is a power outage

Tuesday evening there were problems with the power grid in Brett in the 54426 zip code area. Other parts of the area are currently affected by unrest. You can read all the information about the situation in Breit today and the possible causes here on news.de

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Breakdowns and maintenance are currently in Brit

According to the Störsauskunft.de portal, there are currently several reports for the city of Breit. These are two entries about network problems in the region. The average family in Rhineland-Palatinate only experiences power supply problems about 19 minutes a year. Most of the time we talk about very limited local LV disturbances. The German power grid is doing very well, and that goes for Brett, too. In the following overview you will find all information about crash reports in the region.

The following defects are currently available on August 15, 2023 at Pret

Consumers in the area have been affected by the power outage since 04:57 today K75 road in Büdlich, Breit in the administrative district “Thalfang am Erbeskopf” (postal code 54426, Bernkastel-Wittlich district). So far the potential failures have been locally limited. The power grid operator in charge has not released any further details. In this context, there may still be restrictions for those affected until today, around 5:40 pm.

In addition to the area District road K75 in Brett in the administrative district “Talvang am Arbskopf” (postal code 54426, Bernkastel-Witlich district) A known bug has been reported since 04:57 AM but will probably be resolved by 17:40 PM today. To date, however, no resident has expressly reported impairment. More detailed explanations are not available from the network operator.

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(status: 08/15/2023, 05:41 PM)

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Reporting a power outage in Brit: the right contact for affected people

What you should know: An electrical fault is not usually considered an emergency. Only call the emergency numbers of the police or firefighters in an emergency. Instead, first try to see if the problem is only in your apartment, for example due to a blown fuse in your fuse box. If not, go to your energy company’s Incident Reporting page and report the incident there.

You can access error information from your carrier here.

Evidence: This is the best way to deal with disturbances in the power grid

Power outages can occur at any time and result in extended blackouts. So it is important to take precautions to prepare for such a situation.

One option is to stockpile emergency supplies of food, water and medicine to be self-sufficient for several days. Emergency lighting and a battery-powered radio can also be useful. You are also advised to find out and follow the local authorities’ emergency plans. If possible, one should also consider alternative energy sources such as solar energy or wind energy. It is also important to charge electronic devices such as computers and cell phones before the power goes out. Power banks and UPS help in emergency situations. In the event of a power outage, remain calm and follow the instructions of the authorities. With a few simple precautions, you can prepare for blackouts and minimize the impact.

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Power outages in Europe

Europe has so far been largely spared widespread disruptions to the power grid. Early in 2003, however, an incident in Italy made headlines. On a Sunday in September, the whole country was without electricity for several hours, including the Italian islands, a total of 56 million people were affected. Even rail and air traffic was temporarily paralyzed. Tens of thousands of commuters and travelers were stranded on Sunday at train stations and airports. Even 3 deaths due to power outages had to be recorded. Electricity came back on the same night. A breakdown in Switzerland, where a high-voltage line failed, was cited as the cause of the failure.

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