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Thomas Gottschalk: My son is ‘not a laboratory’

Thomas Gottschalk: My son is ‘not a laboratory’

Updated on 06/25/2022 at 13:47

  • Thomas Gottschalk and his eldest son explained the differences between them in an interview.
  • Roman: “My father is calm, funny, and spontaneous with his words. On the other hand, I often worry a lot.”
  • Thomas: He never thought much. “Talking a lot already.”

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In their own words, Thomas Gottschalk and his eldest son differ significantly from each other on a number of points. Roman, 39, said in a double interview with his father in “Bild”: “I am by nature calm and somewhat shy. My father is informal, funny and spontaneous with his sayings. On the other hand, I worry a lot.” Artist Gottschalk (72) said he did not think Never “a lot”. “He talked a lot already, but I’m so glad he didn’t get naive.”

Roman always thought his father’s fashion style was okay

Roman always thought his dad’s fashion style was okay: “I’ve never been embarrassed about his appearance – even if I don’t dress him. He can afford it.”

Gottschalk and his wife, Thea, have kept their two sons, Roman and Tristan, 33, out of the public eye for decades. When Roman was 15 years old, they moved to California. A few days ago, his son residing in the United States gave his first television interview with RTL. In an interview with presenter Frauke Ludowig (“Exclusive Weekend”), the 39-year-old spoke about how he felt about his parents’ separation.

“My father’s separation was shocking at first”

Roman Gottschalk also told Bild, “Of course, my parents’ separation was a shock at first, but my mother is doing well too, and I see her more often than before.” His father is happy with his new partner and this makes him happy. “I have been visiting my father a lot since he returned to Germany. I want to maintain our close relationship. I am raising my young son the way I was raised. My father is my role model. I know I can talk to him about anything.”

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Thomas Gottschalk now lives in Baden-Baden instead of Malibu near Los Angeles and wants to modify the revival of “Wetten, dass..?” On ZDF again this fall.
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