May 21, 2024

Business, politics and science unified – BärnerBär

The “Spirit of Bern” conference, organized by the foundation of the same name, was held for the ninth time last Tuesday. The theme of the event was as topical as it was urgent, and was about the future of energy in Switzerland.

The Kursaal Hall was packed to capacity, once again providing high-level guests from business, science and politics with a platform to discuss the current topic: “Switzerland’s energy future” from a wide range of aspects. In just over a month, on June 9, Swiss voters will decide on a controversial electricity supply law.

The driving force behind the forum is honorary dentist Daniel Bowser. He has chaired the Board of Trustees since 2015. “It should be possible for leading minds in business, science and politics to come together and exchange ideas about the challenges that lie ahead. Extreme positions are never helpful when it comes to choosing a good and viable path for everyone.” So it is important to understand each other’s position and that we can find solutions based on that,” says the committed professor, summarizing the goal of the conference.

On May 7, the possibilities for the Swiss energy transition were intensively discussed. It has become clear that multidisciplinary collaboration not only helps to achieve specific energy goals more quickly, but also demonstrates how complex challenges can be overcome together and innovative solutions achieved. The last word then went to Switzerland’s current most influential energy politician, Federal Chancellor Albert Rösti. In his powerful speech, he also emphasized that diverse perspectives are essential to enable the development of sustainable solutions.

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Photos: Daniel Zog | All pictures from left to right