February 24, 2024

JAMES CORDEN: The star broadcaster is letting him tear up his old house

James Corden seems to be in good spirits in the UK. Photo: Imago/ZumaWire

After eight long years as host of the legendary “Late Late Show” in the USA, James Corden returns to his old home in London at the beginning of May 2023. There he does not seem to miss any opportunity to enjoy his newfound freedom to the fullest.

A few weeks before his return to Great Britain, presenter James Corden, 44, described on the TV show Good Morning Britain the mixed feelings he had about moving from Los Angeles to London. Farewell was a very emotional thing for him, but he always viewed the UK as his true home. And in this he seems to have arrived well.

“This place, this little island, is incredible.”

“I love where we live, and I love being in Los Angeles,” he explained. “I love it, but we always knew it would be an adventure and not a final destination. This place, this little island, is incredible. The things it created, the things it gave to the world. “I've always been so proud to call it home.”

Now that he has moved, his excitement at returning to his old homeland seems to know no bounds. And since he's now taking a break from his intense time as presenter of one of America's most popular late-night shows, it's clear he also has the opportunity to fully enjoy his free time in London.

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A visit to the stadium with his son Max

Today is May 16th In the sun” The published photos show him in a good mood with his friend, actor Dominic Cooper (44 years old), in front of a bar in London. It appears he also filmed between them Tour the entire restaurantTo chat with guests and take selfies.

The previous weekend, the returnee was seen with his son Max (12 years old) at a match for his favorite football team, West Ham United, at Brentford Community Stadium in London, as in the photos. Released “Metro”.you can see.