February 25, 2024

Royal Family: Grim Reaper Mystery Solved

The secret of the grim reaper during the coronation of Charles III. Solved

Updated May 11, 2023Reading time: 2 minutes

Mystery solved: What does this grim reaper mean when Charles is crowned? (Source: T-Online)
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Several people attended the coronation of King Charles III. Watch the Grim Reaper pass through the image. Videos of this are going viral. What's behind it?

Speed ​​off before the coronation of Charles III. At Westminster Abbey in London on Saturday, May 6, a photo shows a person wearing a long black coat. So she walked under the aisle to the church choir room, where the orchestra was playing. She was wearing a headdress and appeared to be holding a long stick in her hand, leaving the audience guessing.

Many users shared short clips of it on Twitter, which you can watch in the video above. Fans are asking things like: “Has anyone else seen the Grim Reaper appear at the coronation ceremony?” Or also: “Who called the Grim Reaper?” Now, the American news magazine “Newsweek” provides the answer to this question.

The answer to the riddle about the “Grim Reaper”

The newspaper asked Westminster Abbey and learned that the person referred to online as the Grim Reaper was Sexton. So someone who helps with church services and preparation. The puzzle was solved quickly and quietly.

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