February 24, 2024

International science meets in St. Gallen

Through the Collegium, HSG wants to contribute to solving the major challenges of our time. The HSG Foundation is ensuring private financing for the project. This is on the right track.

The major social challenges of our time are characterized by a high level of complexity.

Therefore, sustainable solutions can only emerge through interdisciplinary collaboration. For this purpose, St. Gallen brings together leading scholars and emerging, critically-minded young researchers from all over the world (called “Fellows”) who intensively address a specific question for several months each year.

They are supported in their work by figures from business, politics, art and society. Direct and transparent transmission of research results to managers and society is of the highest priority. For this purpose, great emphasis is placed on contemporary and innovative communication of results. The first collegium will meet in St. Gallen in the fall of 2025.

Diverse support

The construction and operation of St.Gallen Collegium can only be done through private financing. In cooperation with individuals, institutions and companies, HSG will initially secure financing for the first three years of operation in an amount of up to three million francs. To date, approximately 400 large and small donations have been received or pledged.

Of particular note is the widespread support from the region and the anniversary donation from HSG alumni. “We are proud of our community and very grateful that their donations have made such a project possible,” says Professor Bernhard Ehrenzeller. “The establishment of St. Gallen College is perhaps the best gift at the end of my presidency.”

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