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Graubünden (dpa) – Swiss researchers have provided the most accurate calculation of the circle number Pi to date with 62.8 trillion digits behind the coma. This has surpassed the current record by 12.8 trillion positions, as announced by Graubünden University of Applied Sciences.

The goal of the project is not to gain accurate knowledge of the sequence of numbers, but in the way of being able to calculate this sequence of numbers, as the researchers wrote on their website. Hardware was used for computation, which is also required for RNA analysis, flow simulation and transcriptome analysis, for example.

The number pi, which many school will certainly remember as 3.14 (rounded to three significant numbers), was already known to the ancient Greeks. Even the Babylonians already knew acceptable approximations. In the past, calculating manually was time consuming; Today this is done by computers. Pi indicates the ratio of circumference to diameter. In other words, the circumference of a circle is about 3.14 times longer than its diameter.

It took Swiss researchers 108 days to calculate 62.8 trillion numbers. According to the information, the last known ten digits of Pi are now 7817924264.

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