July 15, 2024

Science and Technology: Arianespace: OneWeb satellite launch postponed

Science and Technology: Arianespace: OneWeb satellite launch postponed

A rocket launch with OneWeb satellites has been postponed again

Several OneWeb satellites stand next to each other before being loaded into space. The launch of a Russian Soyuz launcher with 34 satellites on board has been postponed again, according to operator Arianespace. Photo: Airbus One Web / D

(Photo: dpa)

The company, which is based in Evry near Paris on Friday evening, announced that the launch from the Russian Baikonur spaceport in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which has already been postponed by a day until Saturday night, should now take place on Sunday night (0.13 AM CEST).

She added that the satellites of British Telecom, OneWeb and the launcher were “in a stable and safe condition.” A technical incident prevented the original start, and is supposed to take place tentatively on Saturday evening. The reason given for the renewed postponement was the extra preparation time.

Space objects must enable a high-speed network of Internet on Earth. The task now deferred is to increase OneWeb’s fleet to 288 satellites, Arianespace announced. Therefore, the plan is to deploy the satellites at an altitude of 450 kilometers. Arianespace’s ninth launch will be using OneWeb satellites. According to its own information, OneWeb plans to deploy a total of 650 satellites.

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