May 21, 2024

New study: Warp drive possible

Until now, space exploration has only been possible through observations from Earth and long-haul satellites. However, direct search by humans seems almost impossible due to the long travel distance. That’s why science fiction series like Star Trek contain innovative technologies like warp drive that allows you to travel faster than the speed of light.

Theoretically possible

Some researchers from the United States, Canada and Israel now want to design a similar “warp drive”. In one of IOP Publishing The corresponding solution is described in the published paper. This would enable continuous movement at very high speed. There was similar work already in 1994 Alcubierre’s theoretical engineBut which assumes the presence and use of negative energy is controversial. However, the newer model must be consistent with currently known physics.

“This solution is created from a stable shell of material with a modified displacement vector inside it, creating a positive twisted solution ADM block Originated.”

Although the engine cannot reach or even exceed the speed of light, speeds slightly below this speed are said to be possible. If this concept were technically feasible, it would greatly improve the possibilities for space exploration. But here’s exactly the problem: the paper only describes a theoretical model.

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Even if the simulations performed for the new drive do not contain any errors, there is still no technical implementation solution. If travel at this speed were possible for humans, it would likely take a long time until then. The new concept could of course be a step towards finding a practical solution to the problem of long space travel in the future.

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sources: Business Wire, IOPScience, Arkiv (PDF) via Golem