July 12, 2024

How to announce HGV to young people

How to announce HGV to young people

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from: Michael Nicholas

Good mood on the green. Robert Schmalfuss and his team will teach again on Sunday at the Löwenhof golf course. © Reed

Modern golf. The German Golf Association (DGV) is now eighth in the member ranking of the German Olympic Sports Association. Now the Hessian Society is taking care of the offspring.

(minute). More than 670,000 members have registered. »Perhaps in only a few other sports can talents get such opportunities to be promoted; to scholarships in the United States, ”says Robert Schmalfuss. He is the head of the Hessen Golf School, which teaches courses in Friedberg and (since this year) in Bad Nauheim and supports a support project for newcomers this summer.

The Hessian Golf Association (HGV) is looking for interested children in schools to show them how fun golf can be over the course of one year. “The project is mainly aimed at newcomers. If you have talent, there is also the opportunity to get some kind of grant,” says Marc vom Hagen. The successful golfer at GC Bad Nauheim heads the HGV office.

Feedback from the schools is mostly positive, says vom Hagen and Schalfuss. In class, the game was practiced with plastic rackets and balls the size of tennis balls at different stations, and inhibitions were overcome. At the weekend, students – primary schools and grades 5 and 6 – can practice again under the supervision of Schmalfuss and his team at the Löwenhof facility in Ockstadt. “Golf is a sport for life that the whole family can play. With a certain talent and a solid school foundation, golf also opens the way to the United States faster than other sports, where college teams are international and the density of athletes is fairly low,” says Schmalfuss. Advantages of the project: »Children often change their interests, which is why parents are reluctant to buy expensive equipment. That’s why we want to give kids the chance to taste it for free over a longer period of time.

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At five schools, Schmalfoss and his team managed to reach about ten classes this year and thus 200 students. About 12 children are expected to enter on the third tasting day. – Further information can be obtained from Robert Schmalfuss at mobile number 0151/40174776.