December 2, 2023

3ti Solartankstelle

For rent from companies: temporary solar charging stations for electric cars

red. / British solar charging station developer, 3ti, rents out solar parking spaces that can be set up anywhere within 24 hours.

The modular module called “Papilio3” combines solar photovoltaic systems with battery storage and can provide up to 12 fast charging stations for electric vehicles. Each unit can be deployed within 24 hours and is made from recycled shipping containers.

The first Papilio3 unit opened on May 27 in Guilford, a town fifty kilometers southwest of London. The site is part of the University of Surrey and is home to more than 200 companies, including Airbus and BAE Systems.

All Papilio 3 It features three modular canopies that support 36 solar panels and a battery with a capacity of up to 250 kWh.

There are no quick gas stations. It can take more than three hours to fill an e-car. Therefore, it is suitable for use near workplaces, hospitals, hotels, meeting places, sports and shopping centers or near tourist attractions and city centers. They can support a mix of 7kW, 11kW and 22kW chargers.

“We believe solar and battery charging at destinations and in the workplace will be the best charging solution for drivers,” said Tim Evans, founder and CEO of 3ti. Furthermore: “When companies have the opportunity to generate renewable energy right at their doorstep, they not only better control energy costs, but also demonstrate to their customers and visitors their commitment to combating climate change and reducing emissions. By deploying up to 12 charging points Fast with Papilio3, we are providing much needed and cost-effective freight infrastructure and expanding the UK’s public freight network.”

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Businesses or communities do not have to agree on investment budgets, because 3ti makes Papilio3 units available at a monthly rental. It should reduce planning approvals and investment requirements for solar chargers and other electric vehicle chargers.

In terms of sustainability, Papilio3 is built on a recycled shipping container. Papilio3 is available in different roof sizes, configurations and shapes.

Advantages of self-promotion:

  • Up to 12 fast charging points with 7, 11 or 22 kW
  • Powered by 36 solar panels and a local electricity grid
  • Battery storage capacity up to 250 kWh
  • Made in the UK from recycled shipping containers
  • Installation and installation within 24 hours
  • Minimal ground work
  • No new electrical connection
  • Most sites do not require planning permission
  • Waterproof Shelter with Integrated Lighting
  • Smart billing system in loading and back office
  • Brand with customer logo and advertising space
  • Clear commitment to net zero goals
  • Short or long term lease contract
Car charging station can be rented and set up quickly anywhere

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