April 25, 2024

GTA Online: Triple Extraction Bonuses, Free GTA$, and More

GTA Online: Triple Extraction Bonuses, Free GTA$, and More

Just in time for the long Easter holiday, there are a whole bunch of new promotions in GTA Online. Here we give you a familiar overview of the package developed by Rockstar Games.

In the week of new content in GTA Online Gunrunners and Los Santos executives can take advantage of all kinds of special discounts and bonuses in GTA Online. Double GTA$ and RP are available for special vehicle missions, up to triple the GTA$ and RP in extraction. There you can also remove $150,000 of GTA dollars for free if you win 3 rounds.

In the vault, you can look to double your search speed and there are also a number of other promotions and discounts, which look like this:

  • Black Hawk & Little Logo T-Shirt Free to login
  • The main prize of the week in the wheel of fortune: Obey Tailgater S
  • Car vs Car Prize: Win seven road races in the next seven days and get the keys to the Grotti Turismo Classic
  • On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.
    • Haos Premium Test Vehicle: Principe Dive Eight
    • HSW Time Test for the Week from Ron Alternates Wind Farm to Elysian Island
  • Corporate discounts:
    30% discount on vehicle warehouses and special goods warehouses
    50% off supplies and fuel supplies for MC . companies
  • car discounts:
    30% off on Voltage Rocket Coil
    40% off Declasse Tampa Armed, Karin Sultan RS Classic, HVY Nightshark, Karin Technical Aqua, and Emperor ETR1 too
    50% off on Pegassi Bullfighter
  • Main gaming rewards: GTA $100,000 as a reward for everyone who plays this week
Grand Theft Auto V + GTA Online – The next generation version is available for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

As of today, both GTA V and GTA Online are officially available for the new PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

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