April 23, 2024

Sea of ​​Stars is also available for PlayStation and brings a new trailer • JPGAMES.DE

Sea of ​​Stars is also available for PlayStation and brings a new trailer • JPGAMES.DE

Sabotage Studio has yet to be postponed to next year from sea ​​of ​​stars It was announced that the JRPG tribute would also come to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The RPG was originally intended to release for the 2022 Christmas season. A release is also planned for Switch and PC-Steam. German implementation has also been confirmed.

There’s also a new trailer and other details today On the PlayStation Blog By Creative Director Thierry Boulanger on turn-based combat. “By combining ancient aesthetics with modern design, we aim to create experiences that reflect what we loved about games of the past while omitting elements that we feel might be most holding back today.”

This includes smooth transitions from hopping to combat, no random encounters, and no grinding. There are also no time bars, so it’s strictly rotation based. You only have a few MP’s, but these regenerate through regular attacks, which improve the game’s flow. If you press a button at the right moment during attacks, the damage increases or decreases. It is also important to use the combo points at the right time and characters can be exchanged at any time.

In Sea of ​​Stars, Valere and Zale meet, two curious young men in training to become Solstice Warriors. This is the country’s last line of defense against Fleshmancer’s brutal creations. In addition to the story, there are also side activities such as sailing, cooking, fishing, bars and backgammon.

New trailer for Sea of ​​Stars

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