March 2, 2024

Great Britain: Politicians around the world ship Charles III. Best wishes

Politicians around the world reacted to Britain's King Charles III's cancer diagnosis with shock and best wishes for his recovery. Reacts. “Everyone wants him to get the treatment he needs and make a full recovery,” British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told the BBC. It was what everyone was hoping and praying for. Sunak said that he is in constant touch with Raja and communication will continue as usual.

US President Joe Biden has publicly expressed concern about the diagnosis. on stage

“Only the better for him to recover.”

French President Emmanuel Macron also wished him well. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also said he hoped the monarch would make a “speedy and full” recovery.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said his countrymen would send their best wishes to the king. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed the same opinion. Leader of the opposition Labor Party EnglandKeir Starmer wished Charles “only the best in his recovery”.

The day before, the royal palace in London announced that Charles had cancer. When he was hospitalized in January for a benign enlargement of the prostate, a “separate problem” was discovered. “Subsequent diagnostic testing identified a form of cancer.” However, it is not prostate cancer.

Raja started treatment. However, the palace announced that the 75-year-old would conduct state affairs as usual.

The King's cancer also made it to the front pages of British newspapers. tabloid the sun He praised Charles for making the diagnosis public and called on readers to rally behind the king. The Guardian On the other hand, he wrote, the diagnosis once again raises questions about whether it is right to expect a person in his mid-70s to perform a full range of public functions. “He effectively started his new job a decade after most men had retired.”