December 8, 2023

Gnome 43: Alpha-Version des neuen Linux-Desktops erschienen

GNOME 43: Alpha version of the new Linux desktop released

At the start of the 2022 European GNOME Users and Developers Conference (GUADEC), the GNOME project released the first alpha version 43 of the upcoming GNOME desktop version. The latest desktop version provides support for progressive web applications (PWA) and web extensions with the extension .

Gnome OS gets Gnome 43 Alpha

Experienced users or developers who want to take a look at the alpha version of Gnome 43 can now do so GNOME Operating System at Night (ISO) an act. The detailed section will help you get started GNOME OS Installation Guide. A highly beta distribution serves only this testing purpose.

Gnome OS Nightly gets Gnome 43 Alpha

The developers of Free Desktop are especially emphasizing the following innovations and improvements as the most notable features of the upcoming release.

GNOME Highlights 43
  • GUI with more consistency
  • Support for progressive web applications
  • Gnome Web becomes as extensible as Firefox and Chrome
  • More Accessibility, More Rust, More Wayland
  • Enhanced privacy settings
  • New and improved GTK 4 apps
  • Improvements for WireGuard

Regarding some of the innovations of Gnome 43, the developers have already gone into more details.

GUI with more consistency

Very little is known about Gnome 43 so far, only the optional file manager directive nautilus On mobile devices and form factors as well as a new factor in Rust and GTK 4 The written image viewer named “Loupe” which also uses the basic GUI design concept of the in-house library “Libadwaita” has been leaked to the public so far. But in the meantime, some other innovations became known.

All related GNOME design concepts are bundled together in the Libadwaita GUI Library. It also includes new widgets and existing content from Libhandy, as well as user interface guidelines.

Gnome Web Extension like Firefox and Chrome

In the latest version of Gnome 43, which will be released on September 21 this year, all Firefox and Google Chrome extensions should also work with Gnome Web. The site contains some of them Already tried successfully.

Apple WebKit-based Gnome Web browser receives extensions (Photo:

More Accessibility, More Rust, More Wayland

The release should also include patches for greater accessibility and a rewrite of Rust’s Disk Usage Analysis tool, which has been the programming language until now. vala used, plus improvements to the free VPN service Wireguard flow in.

The disk usage analyzer is supposed to get a new programming language received with a new programming language (Image: GNOME)

GNOME 43 is slated to release on September 21

The first alpha is scheduled to follow the first beta release on August 6th, while the release candidate is expected to be the final result of developments on September 3rd, according to the official roadmap. The final release date has been set for September 21.

Roadmap to GNOME 43

Until July 25, the GNOME Project is hosting the GUADEC 2022 Open Source Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico, while GUADEC 2021 is still online. More information about the future of GNOME is expected at the conference.