April 25, 2024

Final Fantasy XIV - Special

Final Fantasy XIV – Special

Millions of “Final Fantasy XIV” players around the world (by the way in the middle of the night) stared at the show’s live broadcast with enthusiasm, because a new expansion was finally announced. We’ll tell you what you need to know about “Endwalker” and we’ll bring you cool stuff for FFXIV-Online!

What do you usually do at 2:30 a.m. when you aren’t stuck in an exciting match online? Defeat powerful monsters in your dreams, right? “Final Fantasy XIV” -Fans auf der ganzen Welt haben um diese Uhrzeit am Samstag allerdings gebannt vor dem Bildschirm gewartet, bis der Livestream vom “Final Fantasy XIV Showcase” begann – die Entwickler hatten angekündigt, etwweas überung ErtenPGe ErtenPGe dieuberu Betray.

The end as the beginning

“Endwalker” is supposed to be the end of the story that started with “A Realm Reborn”. Warriors of Light will send on an adventurous journey with more dangers and disaster incomparable than previous obstacles. The apocalypse is at hand (again) and you have to stop it! The artwork showing the moon is not chosen by chance: you will actually make a trip to the moon! With this said, the developers sprinkle a bit of science fiction into the MMORPG’s proven fictional formula. Endwalker should appear in fall 2021, and there is currently no fixed release date.

But don’t worry: Of course, Final Fantasy XIV won’t end there entirely – only the story of Hydaelyn and Zodiark is now closed with “Endwalker” after 10 years. This ending will be necessary to open the way to a completely new experience in “Final Fantasy XIV” and to introduce new possibilities to players. What is, however, is still completely open. The only truth is that the ending wants to be the beginning of something new that appeals to veterans and new players alike.

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A screen shot

“Endwalker” not only brings the end of the story, but also some new places await players full of secrets. For example, it’s very hot on the island of Thavnaire! The subtropical climate can also be felt in Radz-at-Han, which is now open to you. Here you’ll also encounter elephant-like creatures called Arkasodara Matanga, which seem to get along well with this climatic zone. Plus, you can now travel to the Empire’s capital, in the Garlemald region. However, it looks very different here from what is expected: destruction and loneliness make up the picture. What just happened here?