July 13, 2024

Weekly Review & Predictions: The fastest laptop is now based on AMD and Nvidia

Weekly Review & Predictions: The fastest laptop is now based on AMD and Nvidia

This week, the focus was once again on the laptop, as the new generation of AMD processors loaded alongside the Nvidia GPU. After desktop, new processors now also offer the most powerful laptop performance, which is compatible with Intel Core i9-9900K. Coupled with Nvidia’s new RTX 3000 Mobile, it’s the limit.

With the Ryzen 5000 alias Cezanne, AMD clearly outperforms its predecessor Ryzen 4000 in laptop in terms of CPU performance thanks to its higher IPC and increased clock speed. If the new Zen 3 CPUs are combined with the gaming graphics chip, Intel is overpowered for the laptop. The iGPU included in the delivery is outdated again and AMD is also lagging behind in terms of features. After the H Series, now available from early partners, small and light U-shaped laptops are expected to be replenished in the coming weeks.

One of the new matching GPUs is the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Portable GPU. After the GeForce RTX 3080 laptop graphics chipset and the 3070 GPU for the laptop, it is the smallest branch at the moment. Testing in Schenker XMG Core 17 (E21) provides the reason for the time lag: (not only) in FHD, it repeatedly steals the display from the big boys, combined with a fast new AMD CPU that gives a very coherent overall picture.

AMD and Nvidia are also a hot topic when it comes to mining. While Chinese miners in Iran with their huge server farms are said to be responsible for power outages, miners in Asia are increasingly relying on new laptops with the GeForce RTX 3000. Since the hash rate is not only very good at desktop, but also With it’s more efficient in view it is also very high in the notebook. So concerns are growing that graphics cards and other devices will not only become scarce on the desktop, but may also lead to bottlenecks in new laptops.

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In this country, a large number of readers are interested in LG’s new OLED series, which is surrounded by solutions with small LEDs and traditional TVs. Televisions equipped with the new Alpha9-Gen4 or Alpha7-Gen4 processor, webOS 6.0, and depending on the series, will start with brighter Evo panels or new backlights in April.

With this reading material in your luggage, our editors wish you a relaxing Sunday!