June 20, 2024

Get your very own MacBook Air with Back to School Sale |

Time goes by so fast, it’s almost unbelievable. But since I had kids, it’s only gotten worse. A new school year starts this week for my eldest daughter and my little one is also going to the school circus tomorrow. In college, as in elementary school, one thing is not missing anymore, and that is a computer. In most cases a mobile phone, if not an iPad. A new school year, early to mid-August is always the name of Apple’s new back-to-school campaign. Pupils and students once again have the opportunity to stock up on new devices at the start of the school year.

Would you like a MacBook Air with an M2 processor?

As part of this campaign, Apple gave me the opportunity to get to know the current MacBook Air with the M2 processor a little better. Apple introduced the new beast in a slim frame at this year’s WWDC. From the presentation and data, as well as the product videos, I was very impressed with the product update. I actually got my first iPad from the US and was really happy with it. But to be able to work with it effectively, the product still has to mature a lot. Apple did the same, adding cool new capabilities to it every year. Then back to the iPad in 2018 and I’ve been diligently carrying my iPad Pro with me for the past few years.

For the past two years, I’ve had a bit of competition. After I grabbed the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil for testing, two absolutely amazing tablets arrived in my test lab with the 2021 model and the iPad Air. I have used both extensively and very seriously and still do, at least with the Air today.

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However, there are some things I prefer to do on the “real” computer. Not because it won’t work with an iPad, but more because I’m older now and can also say “this is how I’ve always done it”. That’s why, of course, I was so excited about Apple’s new big-screen Speed.

My MacBook Air M2 test report follows here on the blog

Here and now I don’t want to go into too much detail about the possibilities of updating the MacBook Air. This comes after another day, here on the blog. Having said that, I’d like to say that I’m very surprised at how thin and fast the MacBook is. Despite the slim design, I have a big 15-inch screen in front of me, no matter where I work. With a cable, I can then transfer everything to my big screen at the office and have a super quiet computer in front of me.

Macbook Air 15

Something I’ve missed in the past few months, or even years. Because my Mac mini podcast is also getting old. He gasps and crawls through time. Yes, I know, I whine on a high level, but anyone who has had the privilege of owning a super quiet Mac computer will understand me. I was particularly able to notice this in the two months leading up to my Air, when I was testing Apple’s current Mac mini. Way back to my 2013 mini with Intel and especially the built in fan (also controlled) is painful.

But as above, the test report on the MacBook follows here in the blog.

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Back to promotional school

But which model would you buy today? Here Apple makes it a lot easier for you, because with the Back to School campaign you can find many Apple products at a discount in its store.

Since July 13, as a student, you can buy Apple products at a discount. You can find these products at Apple’s Education Store with attractive education discounts. Until October 23, 2023, Apple will also give you a CHF 140 gift voucher for a successful purchase. In addition to accessories, you can of course also purchase Apple services.

Plus, as a student, you get a full 20% off AppleCare+, Apple Music, and Apple TV+ for a month.

If you are reading this post after October 23rd. Then it must be said that you can find great prices at Apple for the education sector throughout the year. Of course, not to the same extent as at the beginning of the school year, but still not important.