July 16, 2024

Battlefield 2042: Redux brings back limited modes

Battlefield 2042: Redux brings back limited modes

The multiplayer shooter “Battlefield 2042” will soon receive some returning content. In addition, we were given a first look at Season 6.

Electronic Arts and DICE have provided a development update on the multiplayer shooter “Battlefield 2042” and revealed that Season 6 will begin in October. Until now, no one wanted to glance at the new map. However, one must be able to look forward to a unique battlefield “full of dark secrets”.

Your favorites are back!

Furthermore, the developers have announced the return of various game modes and maps with “Redux”, which in the past were only available in time-limited events. New and Returning Weekly Rewards Rush Chaos XL, Tactical Conquest, Breakthrough Chaos, Conquest Storm, and Shutdown are just some of the content that is returning.

However, player feedback was also taken into account and modes were adjusted accordingly. It will also be playable on additional maps and with more participants. By the way, this refers to the content that is included in the events “The Liquidators”, “Battle for Nordvik” and “Rise of Leviathan”.

She says more From the official side: “Redux has its own progression system that gives you ribbons to unlock rewards. Just like you’re used to with our seasonal limited-time events. However, you can make it easier and faster.”

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“Redux” is set to be released on August 29, 2023. This is a new trailer that actually introduces the content:


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