May 21, 2024

US regulators are closely monitoring the Tesla recall

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. regulator is closely monitoring the latest Tesla recall.

The question is whether installing new safety measures for Autopilot in the two million Tesla cars the company announced in December will be enough. NHTSA said Friday it had concerns after crashes involving the upgraded vehicles. There are also results from NHTSA's own tests. Tesla has released software updates that address these concerns, but these are not part of the recall.

The US electric car maker recalled about two million vehicles in December because of problems with Autopilot. NHTSA justified the move at the time, citing a lack of mechanisms to ensure drivers continued to focus on traffic. The investigation was prompted by a series of accidents in which the autopilot was active. Among other things, Tesla vehicles hit parked ambulances; Some people lost their lives in accidents.

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