July 15, 2024

Air Transat temporarily suspends flight operations

Air Transat temporarily suspends flight operations

Canadian airline Air Transat has suspended all flight operations for the time being due to new travel regulations by the Canadian government.

Canada is closing itself to protect the population from the virus mutations. As of February 3, international air travel will only be possible via airports in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. In addition, the government is encouraging airlines to stop flying to popular holiday destinations for the time being. Air Transat is responding to this request by completely suspending flight operations.

Cessation of flight operations at the end of April

The Canadian government is urging Canadian airlines to suspend flights to popular holiday destinations. This measure aims to protect the Canadian population from the virus mutations. In the context of these regulations, Air Transat is forced to bear dire consequences – with immediate effect, the airline will completely halt its regular flight operations until April 30. Accordingly, the airline will only operate return flights until February 13. Passengers booked on flights between February 14 and April 30 will be rebooked by the airline on alternative airlines. This should ensure a safe return to Canada.

We are laying out the measures requested by the Canadian government, including not traveling to the South. This forces us to temporarily suspend all our travels, including to Europe.


Jean-Marc Eustache, president and CEO of the airline, announced the end of flight operations. Last Friday, the airlines agreed to suspend all flights to Mexico and the Caribbean until the end of April.

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Aviation Transat

In general, the suspension of flight operations will affect several destinations in Europe and the Caribbean as well as Latin America. In the Caribbean, for example, flights to Cuba, Jamaica, or the Dominican Republic are affected. In Mexico, the airline flies to Acapulco, Cancun and Cozumel, for example. In addition to major European cities such as Amsterdam, London and Paris, Air Transat also flies to holiday regions in Spain and Italy such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Malaga as well as Rome and Venice.

Conclusion on the complete cessation of flight operations by Air Transat

It was not previously expected that Air Transat would halt all flight operations. Although popular holiday destinations make up a large part of the road network, Air Transat can at least operate flights within Canada. Personally, I did not expect the flights to cease completely. Can you understand the airline’s decision in such an extreme fashion?

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