July 14, 2024

Future travel: This is what travel will look like in 2070

Future travel: This is what travel will look like in 2070

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Underground hotels, vacations in space – this is how you travel in 2070

From air taxis to personal hotel rooms, travel will be crazy in 2070. At least according to the airline’s report.


Vacations in the year 2070 will be exciting: an airline has published a report with future forecasts.

EasyJet / PinPep

Have you ever imagined what travel in the future could look like? According to British airline Easyjet, the breakfast buffet will come straight out of a 3D printer in the year 2070, the hotel rooms will be customized and with heartbeat passports, security checks at the airport will be a piece of cake.

The airline did not suddenly throw out these potential scenarios, but rather commissioned six European futurists from the fields of space, innovation and engineering to write a report on the future of travel.

Space vacations have become a trend

When you book a vacation in the year 2070, you won’t be browsing Instagram and Tiktok for travel inspiration, but instead feel the sand between your toes in the living room and quickly sample the hotel’s sparkling pool. Virtual reality technologies and online metaphors make this possible.

Jump into the pool from home: virtual reality glasses make it possible.

EasyJet / PinPep

Choosing your next vacation destination can also be an adventure. According to innovation forecaster Shivvy Jervis, short trips to space and adventure trips to the moon should become a reality. In addition, underground hotels in desert, mountain or water areas make it possible to experience nature in remote areas in an energy-efficient way.

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Moreover, Jervis could imagine that when stressed or exhausted, a doctor could prescribe a prescription for a hike in the mountains or vacation in a jungle resort in Costa Rica—all for the sake of health.

Air travel has become a luxurious experience

Once you’ve booked your vacation and packed your bag, the journey begins: “85 percent of travelers in many countries will arrive at the airport using electrified public transportation, including self-driving vehicles and air taxis,” says Dr. Patrick Dixon, one of the report’s authors.

At the airport, AI scans and measures your eyes, face, fingers, and heartbeat — making your passport unnecessary.

EasyJet / PinPep

By the way, you don’t need to pack your passport. Facial recognition software, digitally stored fingerprints, retinal scans and heartbeats aim to replace paper documents and make check-in procedures and security controls unnecessary.

If you are afraid of long-haul flights, you will love flying after fifty years at the latest. According to Dixon, in the future, ergonomic and specially designed seats will replace standard and somewhat uncomfortable aircraft seats. “Smart materials can cool or heat on demand and also adapt to the traveler’s body shape.”

Practical and comfortable: the aircraft of the future.

EasyJet / PinPep

Shivvy Jervis even goes one step further: “The planes of the future will be more like a luxury hotel in the air — with plenty of legroom, onboard bars, customized dining and a futuristic virtual reality entertainment system.”

Smart hotels that cater to all your desires

Overall, buzzword customization should play a major role and not stop at hotels. After you check-in at the property – with the help of a robot or a hologram – the door to your room opens thanks to facial recognition.

You’ll be greeted by your favorite playlist, selection of scents and the perfect firmness for your bed. Your virtual room assistant (like Super Alexa) can take care of your well-being: from restaurant reservations to ordering a new towel.

Do you prefer to eat omelettes, pancakes or scrambled eggs? A 3D printer conjures up your very own custom breakfast menu.

EasyJet / PinPep

You probably never want to get up from the breakfast table. The digital menu practically reads your wishes from your lips, which is then transformed into a personalized breakfast buffet by a 3D printer.

Whether or not these predictions come true… Experts agree on one thing: Thanks to advances in technology, travel in 2070 will look very different than it does today.

What do you think: how will we travel in 50 years?

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