June 20, 2024

Brits-Beiz omits food - because vegans are "arrogant."

Brits-Beiz omits food – because vegans are “arrogant.”

An English restaurant has been criticized online for its menu. Reason: The bistro does not serve vegan food – because vegans are “arrogant”.


The basics in brief

  • In the English Isle of Wight, there is a dispute between two vegetarians and a restaurant.
  • The former are annoyed by the lack of vegetarian options.
  • The pub justifies itself: you do not have to adapt the menu to everyone’s preferences.

At a restaurant on the Isle of Wight, England There is no vegetarian food More on the plate. This prompted angry vegetarians to attack the restaurant online.

It all started with the restaurant opening for Friday and Saturday evening menu Facebook announced. Some users note that vegan options are not offered.

The storm against The Kitchen at London House was not long in coming: some Facebook– Users complain that there is no vegetarian selection in the new bistro. Tone – anything but friendliness.

Now Sally Cooper, the owner of the bistro, justifies herself in a separate one Facebook-contribution. She sees herself as a victim of social mediaattacking An “armed minority” of vegetarians.

Explain: in the past Have one for vegetarians Cooked, but has since given up. “Because we are tired of this arrogant and arrogant attitude,” explains the restaurateur.

“Go to a vegetarian restaurant!”

She also makes an appeal to everyone who eats vegans: “Please, dear vegetarians, it’s not, of course, that we have to adapt our menu to your preferences.” In the vegetarian It’s one after all Freely chosen lifestyle.

After the evening menu was posted, Cooper “politely and professionally apologized for the fact that we unfortunately cannot serve vegetarians”. However, she is in Internet I was attacked.

She answers with the words: “If you want vegan food, go to a vegan restaurant!”

The restaurant made a decision a few years ago not to serve vegetarian food. This was in response to the ethical staff’s insult to vegetarians.

Do you eat vegetarian?

We showed them what vegetarian options we could offer them. “Then they said it sucks,” Cooper told The Telegraph. It also received complaints about meat and vegetable products being stored in the same refrigerator.

That’s why the 60-year-old drew a line under the botanical parade. She asserts, “We produce delicious, home-cooked food. We don’t want to cook burgers, legumes, and vegan beans. This is not our food.”

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