April 13, 2024

Paris: “Accidents and chaos” – E-scooter rental is banned in the French capital


‘Accidents and mayhem’ – E-scooter rentals are banned in the French capital

On Sunday, a small portion of Parisians voted to ban e-scooter rentals in the city.


Nearly eight percent of all Parisians voted to rent e-scooters.

IMAGO/Mika Volkmann

  • Paris voted on Sunday to ban e-scooter rentals in the city.

  • Also a success for Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

  • From September 1st, there will be no more scooters for rent in the French capital.

Parisians voted overwhelmingly for A E-scooter rental ban They voted in the city. in a survey of citizens Eighty-nine percent said they want to eliminate scooter rentals on Sundays. Eleven percent voted to keep scooters in the French capital, the city administration announced in the evening. However, only 7.46 percent of the approximately 1.3 million residents registered on the voter lists participated in the vote. Regardless, Paris considers the result of the citizens’ opinion poll to be binding.

“Citizens have spoken out clearly against e-scooters,” Mayor Anne Hidalgo said Sunday evening at the town hall. “From September 1, there will be no more scooter rentals in Paris. This is a victory for local democracy.” Despite the poor response the poll found in the city, the mayor said it was impressive that nearly 100,000 people turned out to vote.

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Accidents and chaos on the sidewalks

Hidalgo, who started the survey, made no secret of the fact that she’d prefer to see scooters banned from the city. In any case, the use of private e-scooters should not be restricted.

Three rental companies offer around 15,000 e-scooters in Paris, which are often neglected by tourists and locals. Accidents and chaos on the sidewalks and calls for a ban. Owners license expires at the end of August.

Providers should not accept the end of e-scooters in the city of Paris without a fight. You have already expressed your concern that there will also be bans in other places.

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