Amusement parks: You should avoid Europa-Park these days

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You should avoid Europa-Park these days

It is one of the most famous theme parks in Switzerland: the Europa-Park in Rust, in the border triangle of Switzerland, Germany and France. But which day is best to visit?


One of the park’s main attractions is the Wodan Timburcoaster, which is a wooden roller coaster.

Image by Imago / Petra Schneider

  • There is a lot going on in Europa-Park in August and October.

  • Wait times for attractions can sometimes be very long.

  • If you don’t like waiting in line, you should go to Europa-Park in March.

Europa-Park is very popular among the Swiss for a trip. Whether on the weekend, on the bridge, on Halloween or on a regular weekday, the action on the roller coaster and the amusement park entertainment is guaranteed. But you are rarely alone in Europa-Park, as waiting times for the park’s attractions, especially roller coasters, can sometimes be very long. On peak days, you wait over an hour for the ride, which then takes about three minutes. On one of the main attractions, the wooden roller coaster “Wodan”, the average waiting time last year was more than 30 minutes, writes Argovia-Today.

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Europa-Park specialists give endless advice on the Internet about the best time to visit. Holidays like Easter are rather bad, there are many visitors. But how do you know if it’s worth going for Silverstar, or if you’re standing alone? There are boards in the park where you can see how long you have to wait for their lanes. In the app, you can also check wait times in real time. Just wondering which day has the fewest long queues?

Spring or summer?

Evaluating data from the wait times app from 2022 shows that the longest queues are on Saturdays. The average waiting time there is about 15 minutes. If you don’t want to stand in line at all, you should go to Europa-Park on Friday. At “just” eight minutes, it’s the day of the week when you don’t have to wait long in the queue. The data also shows that Tuesday is the longest weekday queue.

With Europa-Park decorated thematically, such as Halloween (October 31), it makes sense that October is the second longest month in line. The waiting time there is approximately 15 minutes. Only in the summer month of August do you have to wait longer at just under 16 minutes. On the other hand, the winter months are a better time to visit if you don’t want to wait in line. In the months of November, December, January and March, the average waiting time is less than eight minutes. In March, one queues to get a train “only” a little more than three minutes on average. All this information relates to the year 2022.

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You have to line up in the longest line for this train

One of the park’s main attractions is the Wodan Timburcoaster, which is a wooden roller coaster. Its length is 1 kilometer, its height is 40 meters, and its speed is up to 100 kilometers per hour. It is not surprising that last year the streak of this track was the longest. The average waiting time was approximately 32 minutes. The second longest queue is for the Arthur spinner. Average waiting time: more than 29 minutes.

The Swiss attractions Bobbahn and Matterhorn Blitz, which are located in Switzerland, have somewhat longer waiting times. On average, you’re waiting over 20 minutes for both trains. The longest wait was at the Piraten Railway in Batavia, where it takes “only” 11 minutes on average. Again, the information is for 2022.

It will be exciting next year when the new Voltron roller coaster Operations starts. These new attractions always draw big crowds, and there can be a real rush.

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