July 17, 2024

Fritz Meinecke doubts the survival capabilities of group morale

Fritz Meinecke doubts the survival capabilities of group morale

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There are clear favorites in 7 vs. Wild. Fritz Meinecke doubts Sascha and his survival skills, especially because of the appearance of Knossi last year.

Vancouver Island, Canada – 7 vs. Before Wild took place, attendees chose their favorites and the artists below. Fritz Meinecke also shared his thoughts on polarizing participants like Papaplatte, Trymacs or Knossi. Although Knossi lasted 7 days in the second season, he doubts the survival skills of the 37-year-old streamer and his crewmate.

title 7 vs. wild teams
Production Fritz Meinecke
As a participant 14
Type Survival Challenge, Bushcraft, Wilderness
form YouTube web series

7 vs Wild: Fritz Meinecke doubts Nasi and Chaska – “Nothing happened in terms of ability”

What happened? The 7 vs. Wild contestants have returned home and now carry the burden of not being allowed to talk about a third season. But before moving to Canada and surviving on Vancouver Island, Fritz Meineck looked closely at other candidates. Gnosis and Sasha don’t fare well.

“Nassi did nothing”: Fritz Meinecke doubts the team’s survival skills © Twitch: Fritz Meinecke/7 vs. Wild (Montage)

Review of Team Willpower:Nossi simply did nothing, did nothing“, Meinecke responded to a video from a Twitch streamer preparing for 7 vs. Wild. While he appreciates Gnosis and Chaska’s strong willpower, he also criticizes their lack of survivability “weak point“. We’ve included a YouTube video with his reaction here.

Purely talent-wise, nothing happened“. Although he believes that Gnosis and Saska can survive sitting out for 14 days, fans of Survival won’t get their money’s worth.”I don’t mean that in a bad way, but I think if they both get through, they’ll get through somehow.“Streamer Rumatra was evicted from his apartment after 7 vs. Wild, and he learned enough to survive in the wilderness in Canada.

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Stream from August 3rd

A Twitch stream with Reaction took place before the third season of 7 vs. Wild – only uploaded to the Reaction YouTube channel late. Fritz Meinecke would not speak openly about the capabilities of the participants in case the content was leaked. It is conceivable that the survivalist has already changed his mind again. But Meinecke will actually see how Gnosis and Sasha did when it airs.

Fans comment on this report: Many fans of the show call the survivalist “Fritz Weinecke“Wonder when he’ll be able to appreciate it.”The whole time [sagt er]”I thought nothing of it,” he complains A fan on Fritz Meinecke’s channel. Others 7 vs. It is said that Wilde would have no vision without legends like Nassi.

Others, along with Fritz, believe that the show’s creator expressed fair criticism. However, the truth is that different fans will value different aspects of the show. It’s in the eye of the beholder whether you prefer sophisticated accommodation like Fritz’s or psychedelic texts like Nozzi’s.