May 23, 2024

UK: Fake psychiatrist has been treating patients for 22 years

England The fake psychiatrist has been treating patients for over 20 years and making money from it

Health authorities duped in England with fake uni certificate: Julia A., pictured here by Cumbria County Police

© Cumbria Constabulary

She owned many properties, loved champagne and drove an expensive sports car: a woman in Britain who reportedly earned money as a psychiatrist for 22 years, despite not having a medical degree.

In the dock, she reportedly put her head in her hands and cried: A woman in Britain has been jailed for seven years for practicing as a psychiatrist without the necessary qualifications and using forged documents, according to Cumbria Police. and a UK police media report. Manchester Crown Court Jolia A. It found 13 counts of fraud, three counts of obtaining fraudulent gains, two counts of forgery and two counts of using false documents.

The bogus psychiatrist is practicing across the UK

According to the police, the alleged psychiatrist registered as a doctor with the British Medical Association in 1995 and submitted a number of forged documents, including a diploma from Auckland University in New Zealand, a confirmation letter and a reference letter from a hospital. In Pakistan. After gaining accreditation, he practiced throughout the UK for several years.

In 2003, after passing the Royal College of Psychiatrists exam, according to police, Julia A. In 2012, Vanjakar was registered as a “Section 12 doctor”, giving him the authority to make necessary medical prescriptions for involuntary hospitalization of patients. To be licensed as a Section 12 doctor, doctors in the UK must have specific experience in the treatment or diagnosis of mental disorders.

Julia A. He reportedly earned the equivalent of nearly 1.5 million euros during his time as a psychiatrist. He owned several properties, collected expensive bottles of champagne and drove a red Lotus sports car, the “Manchester Evening News” reported.

A fraudster was exposed in Cumbria in 2018 after trying to defraud an 84-year-old patient out of almost €1.5 million. The court sentenced her to five years in prison. Bill Coleman, a reporter for the News & Star, a local newspaper, became interested in the case and did further research and found that Julia A. He studied medicine in New Zealand for a while but found that he never graduated.

Coleman told the British Health Commission, which then launched an extensive international investigation. The fake documents were preserved and Julia A. The police found that the hospital in Pakistan was not as specified.

Chief Investigator Julia A. He calls it “a scheming criminal”.

“This is a very unusual case involving a skilled fraud that was carried out and sustained over many years,” Chief Investigator Matt Scott said after the sentencing. The criminal was “a scheming criminal who fraudulently acquired an important health condition involving great responsibility for people’s lives, despite not having the most basic qualifications to begin his career.” Scott thanked reporter Coleman for his reporting and research on the case.

Judge Hilary Manley, Julia A. He also called for an inquiry into how the medical board was able to recognize him as a psychiatrist when the documents submitted were “clearly false”. In one of the documents, the fraudster even misspelled the word “verify”.

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