July 15, 2024

BASKETBALL WORLD CUP: DPP opponents completely open – the fight for the quarter-finals is very crazy

BASKETBALL WORLD CUP: DPP opponents completely open – the fight for the quarter-finals is very crazy

With DBB and Slovenia already safely in German Intermediate Group K, everything in the other groups is still wide open.

So all four teams in Groups I and L could progress even with a few surprises. The last matchday of the intermediate round offers more excitement with four true finals competing for a place in the quarterfinals.

Canada, Spain, Brazil and Latvia are four possible opponents for the German team. Everyone really expected the DBB team to meet secret favorites Canada or world champions Spain.

This means it is already clear: one of the two favorites from Group L will definitely be eliminated on Sunday. Then there will be a live fight (starting at 3:30 pm) between the two countries. In the second final of the quarter-finals, Brazil will face Latvia at 11:45 am.

DBB will meet one of these winners in the quarter-finals, but the constellations within Group L are tricky. If Canada and Brazil win, Brazil will win first place and Canada will win second place in a head-to-head fight.

On the other hand, if Canada and Latvia win, Canada will be in first place and Latvia in second place. If Latvia wins and world champion Spain wins at the same time, Latvia will take first place.

But it’s not just the German side who are yet to prepare for a potential opponent. With Group I wide open, we’re looking for America’s quarterfinal opponent at the World Cup.

All four nations are tied with three wins and one loss before the final match day with the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Italy and Serbia.

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One thing is certain: the winners of the Italy-Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic-Serbia matches are guaranteed to advance to the quarterfinals. USA or Lithuania waiting for the winners there. The two mentioned teams will battle it out in a live showdown (Sunday, 2:40 PM onwards) for the group title.

The last match day of the World Cup intermediate round certainly brings more excitement.