May 22, 2024

Historic elections in Spain – Catalan separatists lose their parliamentary majority – News

  • The separatists suffered a historic defeat in the early parliamentary elections that took place in Catalonia on Sunday.
  • For the first time since 1980, the various pro-independence parties combined lost an absolute majority of seats in Barcelona’s parliament.
  • The biggest winner in the elections was the Socialist Party, which won nine seats and became the strongest force ever.

With 42 seats, they are far from an absolute majority (68 seats). According to preliminary official results, the conservative liberal “Gents” party, led by separatist leader Carles Puigdemont, who lives in exile in Belgium, came in second place behind the Socialists, with 35 seats.

According to observers, the 61-year-old president does not have a real opportunity to muster enough support to form a government. The separatist Republican Left Party, also under former regional president Pere Aragonés, finished only third with 20 seats (-13). The four separatist parties combined won only 61 seats. They lost 13.


A Puigdemont supporter wears a hat bearing the “Estelada” logo, the flag of the Catalan separatists (Junts Per Catalunya).

Reuters/Nacho Dos

Spain’s largest opposition party, the conservative People’s Party, which has traditionally faced difficult times in Catalonia, has improved significantly, winning eleven seats to 14 seats now. The right-wing populist Vox Party maintained its results by winning eleven seats.

Ella wants to become a regional president

Analysts unanimously view the election result as a major victory for the left-wing central government of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in Madrid, 600 kilometers away. Through his policy of reconciliation and the concessions he made, Sánchez has largely succeeded in defusing the conflict in Catalonia and completely taking the wind out of the sails of the separatists – who traditionally view Madrid as “enemy number one” – as told in a panel discussion on public broadcaster RT. at any.

In his victory speech, leading Socialist candidate Salvador Illa continued the path of reconciliation followed by Socialist leader Sanchez, promising: “No Catalan will be excluded from this new phase that begins today.”

Two men raise their hands at an event in the hall.


“Today begins a new era in Catalonia, aimed at improving the lives of citizens, expanding rights and promoting coexistence,” Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez (right) wrote about the Socialists’ victory in the elections with main candidate Salvador Illa (left). .

EPA/Enrique Fontcuberta

He wants to become regional president so that Catalonia can become Spain’s leading economic region again. Amid the loud cheers of his supporters, Illa shouted: “For the first time, the Socialist Party has won the elections in Catalonia in terms of votes and seats!”

In order to be elected regional president in the Parliament of Catalonia, Illa needs above all and absolutely the support of the Republican Left, which has not yet issued a clear statement on this subject. At first party leader Aragonés said they would join the opposition, but that would not prevent them from tolerating the Socialists.

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